Locate, quantify, and adapt to your business risks.

Cygnus guides you through uncertainty.

What risks do we cover? Hurricanes, earthquakes, extreme weather & more

What Can Cygnus Do?

Risk Management

Rapidly assess risk, triage hotspots, and signal business continuity processes using our popular risk index.

Common Operating Picture

Synchronize and render activities across your enterprise in a single, cohesive view. Control towers and op centers love Cygnus.

Asset Tracking

Track and alert on the environmental conditions surrounding key personnel, vehicles, or cargo.

On-Demand Expertise

With Cygnus, you’re just 2 clicks away from speaking with an expert about the latest storm, shooting, earthquake, or pandemic.

Video Surveillance

Monitor your camera feeds using our in-app, embedded video option.

Routes & Logistics

Map your supply chain, calculate loads at-risk, know your driving conditions.


Cygnus starts with your people, property, and purpose.

Your people, your property, your purpose – the things you care about. The things you want to protect, grow, defend. In our world, these are your assets, whether they’re stationary structures or transport vehicles or cargo containers.

After signing up, you’ll be able to create or import your assets through point-and-click, spreadsheet upload, or API. You can send us as much information about your assets as you want, including name, location, type, value, importance, and more.


Assets, meet risks.

Cygnus is the hub of a rapidly-expanding database of hazards, from natural disasters to sickness to crime and theft. We ingest these hazards, factor them into a risk score for each of your assets, and visualize relevant threats in an integrated, common operating picture.

Cygnus is your operating system for real-world operations.


Communication & collaboration

Of course, locating and quantifying risks is only the beginning. The judgment calls and decisions you make in response to the risks are what matter most.

Cygnus makes it easy to notify key personnel and stakeholders through real-time alerts, daily summaries, weekly outlooks, and on-demand reports, synchronizing your team’s view and understanding of the situation at hand.