Insulate Your Supply Chain From Costly Mistakes

Optimized planning and communication for weather-sensitive logistics

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For Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

Reduce the costs of your shipping, routing, and insulation decisions.

Cygnus provides shippers with continuous assessment of forecasted risks to their carriers’ over-the-road and intermodal transportation lanes. Increase your accuracy and confidence when making go/no-go decisions, timing your shipments, choosing your insulation, and loading your cargo. Request a demo today >

This year, Cygnus will protect more than 500,000,000 cases of beer.
Key Features for Shippers of Perishable Goods
Origins, destinations, and waypoints

Cygnus customers can browse conditions and forecasts for every city and intermodal facility in North America to inspect forecasts at each leg of the journey from plant to wholesaler. Our maps, alerts, and reports make it easy to monitor conditions coast-to-coast.

Route-based forecasts

Our customers can assess temperature risk for their OTR or intermodal lanes up to 10 days in advance. Because Cygnus monitors conditions for all of North America, it will automatically highlight the stretches that will jeopardize the integrity of your valuable cargo.

Cargo-specific risk

What temperatures and exposures can your cargo tolerate? Cygnus incorporates intelligence from Protek Cargo, the world leader in passive protection for temperature-sensitive shipments, which allows us to tailor your experience for your specific commodity.

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For Lean, Inbound Logistics

Keep all of your suppliers, carriers, and buyers on the same page while identifying conditions that could slow or halt procurement.

Weather will always be a challenge, but the greatest costs come from a lack of clear communication and proactive management of your response to these events. Riskpulse addresses these pains by providing buyers, carriers, and suppliers with a shared view of risks and a common space to collaborate. Request a demo today >

How will you protect your flow of parts this winter?
Key Features for Supply Chain Professionals
Configurable risk

The foundation of Cygnus is customized to the specific conditions that threaten your logistics. This creates a risk score that filters and drives your maps, analytics, alerts, and reports. This scoring is the key to transforming your organization from reactive scrambles to proactive decision-making.

Central communication

Weather hurts, but the way you organize the flow of information around these events can make or break your operation. Riskpulse Cygnus provides your buyers, carriers, and suppliers with a single place to store status and announce closures, so you can keep in sync before, during, and after these dangers.

Expert integration

Our team speaks the language of carriers, suppliers, and plants, which can be imported through spreadsheets, integrated through API, or updated through batch processing. Through our experience working with some of the world’s largest manufacturers, we know how to get you up and running in time for your next challenge.

Download our 1-pager on inbound logistics here