Transform decision-making from reactive to proactive

Riskpulse is a prescriptive supply chain risk analytics company that helps its clients and their partners increase the predictability and stability of their financial and physical operations globally. Many of the largest food shippers, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, automakers, and retailers trust the Riskpulse Score (RpS) and the Riskpulse suite of cloud-based software applications to standardize their quantification of weather and climate risk and automate operational planning.

Commodity investment firms depend on Riskpulse probabilistic forecasts and advisory services to guide their understanding of weather’s impact on supply and demand. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Riskpulse is rapidly becoming the standard way for members of the supply chain to get the signals they need to optimize for risk.

Our Team

Matt Wensing

Matthew Wensing
Chief Executive Officer


John Plavan
Exec. Chairman

johnp copy

Adrian Rego
Chief Technical & Analytics Officer


Stephen Bennett
Chief Operating Officer


Jon Davis
Chief Meteorologist


Mark Russo
Chief Science Officer

Simon Woods

Simon Woods
Chief Strategy Officer

Gordon Daugherty

Gordon Daugherty
Advisor Fmr. SVP CA Technologies

Hans Hickler
Advisor Fmr. CEO Agility Logistics

Our Milestones

  • January 2016
    Riskpulse releases Relay, the first mobile-app optimized for weather risk collaboration
  • December 2015
    Riskpulse launches a redesigned website and renamed product suite, lead by Aurora and Sunrise
  • October 2015
    TempRisk Apollo II includes expanded 5-day windows, improved surface analysis, and the GFS and ECMWF in its forecast algorithm
  • July 2015
    Riskpulse and EarthRisk Technologies merge, creating the world’s best team to manage risk across the complete supply chain
  • August 2014
    Riskpulse incorporates cargo-specific risk profiling and the U.S. rail network into route monitoring
  • July 2014 becomes a free, professional alternative to for tracking Atlantic and Eastern Pacific hurricanes and severe weather
  • April 2014
    Riskpulse becomes a risk information system for supply chains operating in uncertain conditions
  • December 2013
    Stormpulse becomes Riskpulse in response to customer requests for deeper risk management solutions for the supply chain
  • November 2013
    Meteorological Advisory Services provides leading-edge assessments of the weather and climate impact on global commodities
  • October 2013
    TempRisk Apollo displays the probability of a full range of temperature outcomes alongside traditional forecast models
  • July 2013
    ForecastRisk is launched to quantify user uncertainty with daily comparisons of TempRisk to numerical guidance
  • July 2013
    Research Services is formed to deliver advanced, customized weather inquiry and analysis projects for clients
  • April 2011
    EarthRisk Technologies is founded by JP Plavan and Stephen Bennett. The premier forecasting model, TempRisk, is released
  • August 2007
    Stormpulse, Inc. is founded by Matthew Wensing and Brad Wiemerslage. becomes one of the world’s most popular weather tracking websites