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Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

By Henry Bonner | October 29, 2020

How Does Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management Work? You don’t have to look far to see where artificial intelligence is having an impact, including…

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Supply Chain Optimization: What You Need to Do It Right

By Henry Bonner | October 13, 2020

Is Supply Chain Optimization Achievable?  There likely isn’t an organization in any industry that wouldn’t say they’d like to optimize their supply chain. And why…

three trucks on road

Efficient vs. Responsive Supply Chain or Can You Have Both?

By Henry Bonner | September 22, 2020

Should You Focus on an Efficient or Responsive Supply Chain? An efficient vs. responsive supply chain is a common dilemma. Let’s begin with efficiency. There…

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OTIF Calculations: Not as Simple as You Might Think

By Henry Bonner | August 28, 2020

The Philosophy Behind OTIF Calculation On-time, in-full – or OTIF as it’s commonly referred to – was borne of the concept that retail stores need…

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Predictive Analytics Tools Have Changed Logistics Forever

By Henry Bonner | August 18, 2020

Predictive Analytics Tools Are Trending Virtually every industry is either already using predictive analytics tools to some degree or is exploring them as part of…

logistics - shipyard and shipping containers

Predictive Analytics and Supply Chain Network Optimization

By Henry Bonner | July 22, 2020

The Benefits of Supply Chain Network Optimization The supply chain has a far-reaching impact on the entire organization, making it critical to understand your entire…

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