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Risk Scores in Risk Management

Using Risk Scores to Facilitate Risk Management

Managing Risk Well Brings Competitive Advantage Risk management is often a sticky subject. Few people enjoy thinking of all of the bad things that could happen. “We don’t take risks” is a common mantra. Is there any possibility you won’t meet your objectives, commitments or economic targets? That possibility IS risk. Companies recognize they need…

Riskpulse: Optimize the Supply Chain

Optimize The Supply Chain, Gain a Competitive Advantage

We are always hearing about various risks to the supply chain and how risk can cause so much damage if not appropriately addressed. That “if,” however, introduces hope: the opportunity to actually do something about that risk. While not all risks are completely preventable, emerging technology is enabling organizations to at least predict them with…

Riskpulse intelligent automation logistics

Leveraging Intelligent Automation in Logistics

Logistics and Intelligent Automation Digitization and automation have made their way to the logistics link in the supply chain. This is a good thing as logistics has, up until now, suffered from the unfortunate cocktail of data overload and manual efforts. Planning and managing loads has never been easy – more like a shot in…