Just in time for winter, this week marks the release of the most valuable features in our history. I’m very excited to announce several major enhancements and capabilities that have been added to the Cygnus platform.

Route-based Forecasting


Our transportation customers can now assess risks to their highway or railway lanes up to 10 days in advance. Because Cygnus monitors conditions for all of North America, it will automatically highlight the stretches that will jeopardize your shipments.

Risk Profiles

Risk Profile

With the risk profiles feature you can adjust the parameters of when a threat is designated as low, medium, or high. This allows you to customize the risk score to suit your specific needs.

Forecast Analytics

Forecast Analytics

Using forecast analytics you’re able to see the forecasted conditions that could effect your assets. In addition to charting temperature and precipitation, your asset’s forecasted risk score is also presented.

Notification Log

Notifcation Log

The Notification Log feature provides a 7-day glance at the notifications sent by asset or by user. There is also an export option that allows you to see all notifications sent out for a custom date range of your choice. Check out this one minute video to learn how to access and use the Notification Log feature within Cygnus.

Usability Improvements & Training

Additionally, we made some UI enhancements that included higher contrast in the header to enable icons and the search box to stand out more. We also inserted descriptive labels under the header button icons and you will notice the layer menu is now open by default for better discoverability.

We’ve also launched Riskpulse U in the past few weeks. If you haven’t had a second to take a look, please do. We’ve got multiple articles, videos, FAQs and best practice advice there to help you and your team of Riskpulse users.

To learn more about these features and how they could help your business or to schedule a training session, please contact us.

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