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On time and in full

On-Time In-Full Commitments Are Achievable with Predictive Intelligence

By Henry Bonner | March 26, 2020

The OTIF Driver On-time in-full (OTIF) is a relatively new concept that stems from a single driver: customer demand. As consumers become increasingly accustomed to…

Intelligent supply chain automation

How Intelligent Automation Is Changing Logistics

By Henry Bonner | March 13, 2020

The Rise of Intelligent Automation in Logistics Digitization is transforming the vast majority of our personal and work tasks over the past decade. Logistics is…

Transportation risk software

6 Key Features to Look for in a Transportation Risk Analysis Solution

By Henry Bonner | February 19, 2020

An effective transportation risk analysis solution should mitigate risks by providing visibility into all current and potential risks, but there’s more to it than identifying risks.

Transportation risk management.

Modernizing Transportation Risk Management to Meet Weather and Climate Trends

By Henry Bonner | February 19, 2020

The Impact of Increasingly Severe Weather and Climate Disasters on Transportation Risk Management Weather events and climate disasters have wreaked havoc on the United States…

Semi truck in bad weather

Mitigating Risk: Reactive to Proactive Planning

By Henry Bonner | January 29, 2020

Proactive Planning for More Responsive Risk Mitigation Supply chain planning is all about managing risks to operations. Unfortunately, many organizations are still playing defense –…

Shipping containers

How Suppliers Manage Delays and JIT Manufacturing Commitments

By Henry Bonner | January 24, 2020

JIT OEMs have strict requirements, forcing suppliers to manage delays to reduce downstream supply chain interruptions. Learn how.

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