Hand holding a stop watch.

We are delighted to share that today we announced the launch of Riskpulse OnTime, helping shippers, brokers, carriers and logistics companies increase their on-time performance and avoid unnecessary freight spending and wastage caused by operational variability.

Responding to increased demand for improved predictability into delivery times, Riskpulse OnTime is a cloud-based solution using machine learning to combine weather and environmental events with operational events to predict if a load will be early or late, by how much and why, as much as two weeks prior to load pickup.  Our machine learning model continues to learn from new shipment data, has already been trained on tens of millions of shipments, and addresses markets with over 300 million shipments annually.

Correlating the effects of operational risk factors with weather and environmental risk is difficult to do well. Riskpulse OnTime is unique in leveraging decades of in-house environmental expertise in combination with huge amounts of operational data, to determine the probability that a load will hit its ETA.  By deploying Riskpulse OnTime, our clients can avoid significant late delivery penalties, improve transportation asset utilization, improve customer satisfaction and competitive advantage, all of which contributes a very real Return on Investment.

Steve Barber, VP of Solutions at Transplace, the largest managed services transportation provider in North America, explained, “By analyzing the extensive data inputs of the Transplace TMS from our shipper customers, carriers, and visibility partners, Riskpulse OnTime provides improved delivery information and mitigations for not-on-time loads in real-time. Since integrating the Riskpulse OnTime solution with the Transplace TMS, we’ve measurably improved operational planning and delivery of better intelligent insight, a key differentiator in this dynamic market, for both Transplace and our customers”.

When integrated with a TMS, Riskpulse OnTime provides analysis into each shipment, monitoring for late loads and alerting operators as well as providing recommendations for mitigation. The solution has been shown to measurably improve operational planning and performance in dynamic supply chain management.

If you’d like to learn more, please send a note to contact@riskpulse.com we’d be happy to discuss how Riskpulse OnTime might bring value to your organization.

Know your risks before you ship. Watch Riskpulse in action.