The other component of this pattern change is snow. And we’re going to have, you know, some pretty major winter storms here coming up. The one we’re going to focus on today is going to be the one that’s going to be moving across the country over the next four to five days. And especially in some of the big population centers of the eastern US. This is a major impact storm. The kind of storm that we’ll be talking about likely for years to come.

So, what we’re going to do as we did on Tuesday morning is look at the snow fall forecast on a daily basis here going forward. So this is a snow forecast for today, relatively quiet in the central and eastern US. Of course, the note of the item today is more heavy snowfall across the Sierras of California. That’s been an ongoing event over the last couple of days and overall snowfall totals in that region will tend to be upwards of four, six, seven feet when everything is said and done as this Pacific storm begins to continue to move into areas of California.

Of course, major transportation issues in the Sierras and all the roads that go criss cross over that zone. So that system, which right now is centered over at California, will be crossing the country over the next four to five days. And we’ll see this on this projection. So as we look at Thursday, we go to Friday and you begin to see a bit of an eastward movement of that California storm, more so in the central Rockies and beginning to see snow on Friday. Begin to develop across some areas of the middle of the country in places like South Dakota and Nebraska.

As we go into Saturday, that storm system here will continue to cross the country. The main impact on Saturday will tend to be areas of the Midwest, southern great lake. We’ll begin to get heavy snow across those locales. And then the storm system will tend to intensify as it does move eastward. And when it makes it to the northeast on Sunday, you’re talking about a major snow storm across those areas. Overall here on Sunday, some of the snow totals both in some of the major cities of Boston and New York and interior sections will be upwards of 8, 10, 12 inches. Some areas will likely get more than a foot across the region. And one of the features that’s unique with the storm is we’ll tend to have significant wind with this as arctic cold works in behind the system. So heavy snows, extremely strong, wind, bitterly cold wind chills, and then arctic air plunges in behind the storm across all sections of the central and eastern US.

So by the time we get to Monday, the holiday, most of that storm impact has now moved across the country. Still some lingering snow on Monday in the areas of Maine and interior New England. Most of the system though has moved off the coast. And then we’re getting set for another storm as we go into the middle of next week that’s beginning to move across the Rockies.

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