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Sunrise’s cognitive technology creates quick wins and lasting advantages.


Riskpulse Sunrise scans your open shipments up to 10 days before tender for potential risks. These risks can include:

  • Inclement weather that could delay delivery
  • Extreme temperatures that may compromise quality
  • Social hazards such as criminal activity
  • Natural disaster impact zones
  • Infrastructure outages

This rapid scan takes into account origin, destination, pickup time, and projected arrival time. It simulates the shipment’s lifecycle and intersects it with forecasted conditions.

Sunrise scores each shipment on a scale from 1-25 to indicate low, medium, or high risk. We determine the score using our industry knowledge, best practices, and your particular concerns.

Sunrise flags the number of miles each shipment will face specific hazards and notes the cause. We display this information in a dashboard, exportable to spreadsheet format. Using our JSON API’s, shippers can also display this data in their TMS or any software portal.

Our detection service includes weekly advice from our analysts for the first 30 days. We’ll guide you through onboarding, training, and any current events.  Our customer success team works with you to optimize this scoring service for your particular workflow.




Sunrise helps you answer whywhen, and howDive into the geography and timing of risks with a rich maps interface and analytical dashboards. Visualize impacts by lane, market, or a single plant or DC. Instantly see the connection between threats and suppliers or downstream customers.

Our analysis layer displays the next 10 days of your supply chain risks.  This layer enables you to investigate forecasts, connections, and dependencies.

Robust permissions enable you to map and score any part of your supply chain–from a regional focus to a global network. These web-based tools include a full suite of reports, alerts, and notifications. We can customize views of your supply chain using basic groups or a complex enterprise hierarchy.

Many of our enterprise clients engage in weekly discussions with our analysts. This optional service will help you interpret your data and ask specific questions. Root cause analysis enables you to pinpoint the reasons behind claims, customer complaints, and lost loads.


Sunrise automates the task of finding lower-risk alternatives (audibles) to your current plans.

Optimizations include:

  • Schedule: Automatically scans up to 3 days before and 3 days after your planned pickup date to compare risk levels.
  • Confidence: The risk inherent in a forecast changes dramatically based on the type of forecast and horizon. How far into the future do you need to know? How much risk can you accept? 1%? 10%? Define your own risk appetite for any task.
  • Equipment: How much risk could you remove by using blankets instead of dry van? Is reefer really needed? Replace calendar-based heuristics with a dynamic sensing of ambient conditions. Reduce your spend and carbon footprint.
  • Mode: Remove the anxiety from intermodal shipping! Compares risk of intermodal to over-the-road routes for the same shipment window.
  • Lane: Take advantage of flexibility to use less expensive routes when conditions allow.

The more agile your transportation planning, the more value these optimizations create.  Not ready or able to take advantage of these yet? Not a problem. We archive your risk scores for future insight.

Sunrise acts as a growing data asset for your organization to leverage later. Need to find a correlation between your transportation spend and equipment usage? Customer complaints and weather delays? Capacity and world events? All of these are achievable.

Whatever your challenge, Sunrise will be ready.

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