Built for commodities traders and meteorologists who require the most advanced forecasting engine and meteorological advisory support available, the Aurora product suite is powered by a proprietary multi-model forecasting ensemble and a team of experienced meteorologists.

Terminal More Info

The first commercial application with scientifically validated statistical methods that analyze the risks for significant heat and cold events up to 40 days in advance.

  • Comprehensive, one-stop-shop for model guidance
  • Independent, objective, and unbiased analysis
  • Unparalleled lead time for quantified weather risk

Reports More Info

Detailed, programmable meteorological guidance providing historical and forecast analysis–delivered to your inbox.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal summaries
  • Customized for industry-relevant regions
  • Five weeks of regional forecast data at-a-glance

Research Services More Info

Powered by our expert team with the rare combination of domain expertise in research meteorology, applied meteorology, software development, data visualization, and web design.

  • Tailored projects to link weather forecasts to financial decisions
  • Deep network of academic research partners
  • Over 60 years of combined meteorological experience

Meteorological Advisory Services More Info

Our meteorologists rank among the foremost experts on the impact of weather and climate on global energy and agriculture commodities markets.

  • Supporting you like an in-house met with hands-on engagement
  • More combined trading experience than any other weather service
  • Discover when the market mis-prices weather risk