The Leading Predictive Analytics Solution for Food & Beverage

Reduce Supply Chain Waste and Optimize Transportation

Riskpulse helps some of the world’s largest food and beverage companies protect cargos and maintain product quality while reducing costs and minimizing the environmental impact of transportation.

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Riskpulse Customers:

  • Reduce spend on temperature-controlled equipment
  • Eliminate On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) penalties
  • Enhance inventory management for ingredients and finished goods
  • Ensure retail shelves are properly stocked ahead of predicted weather event
  • Select the most efficient transportation mode based on the weather forecast
  • Optimize shipments for reduced fuel costs and minimal climate impact

Millions of shipments rely on Riskpulse every day.

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Select the right equipment for optimal quality and lowest cost

Food & beverage companies often use traditional lane calendars to select shipping equipment during cold and hot seasons. Making the wrong choice can lead to unnecessary expense, or worse, damaged cargo. The challenge is only growing as more volatile weather is increasing the length of uncertainty during the transitions from fall to winter and winter to spring.

Riskpulse InFull is the modern predictive analytics solution that takes the guesswork out of equipment selection. Riskpulse InFull recommends the optimal equipment type based on custom thresholds by product or SKU. Cargoes are only shipped on more expensive temperature-controlled equipment when absolutely necessary.

How it Works

Riskpulse InFull models the temperature every 10 miles/16 Km for an entire lane, for the next 14 days. Each planned shipment is simulated as if in-transit on the scheduled shipment date. The predicted temperature that the load will experience is converted into a Riskpulse Score and equipment recommendation. The equipment-recommendation can be fully integrated back into the S&OP, ERP, or TMS system on a forward-looking lane basis (up to 2-weeks before shipment) or a recommendation can be provided by shipment, right up until despatch.

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Protect Cargo

Replace seasonal lane calendars with dynamic recommendations for equipment types and identify shipments that may be compromised.

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Reduce Cost

Select the optimal equipment for predicted weather conditions, using expensive temperature-controlled freight only when needed.

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Manage Risk

No matter the mode, you have access to a reliable risk score that identifies exactly where risk requires your attention.

Fig 1: Simulating in-transit load across a lane, up to two weeks in advance, to produce Risk Score for planned shipment and equipment recommendation

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Fig 2: Custom thresholds per product category for the recommendation engine

table 3
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Improve planning for inbound and outbound shipments

Meeting delivery windows is critical for food and beverage companies. Fresher products at the point of sale is a mark of quality that every manufacture seeks to have. On top of that OTIF, penalties can be extreme. Riskpulse OnTime is a predictive solution with proven ROI being used by some of the world’s largest food and beverage companies to manage the performance of inbound and outbound loads. Riskpulse OnTime helps companies improve planning and decision making to be able to hit delivery windows with precision.

How it Works

Where shipment choices are available, Riskpulse OnTime will simulate which combination of choices will produce the optimal shipment, based on reduced cost, improved likelihood of on-time arrival, even climate impact. These shipment KPIs are most at risk when adverse travel conditions are forecast. You can easily see the impact of switching carriers, picking up a day early, picking up later the same day, adjusting the delivery window or changing mode.

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Keep Shelves Full

Knowing that a weather event could impact specific retail stores helps companies plan ahead and ensure stock is on hand, particularly essential SKUs that rapidly sell out in times leading up to an event.

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Manage Inventory

Planning delivery dates from the Purchase Order, up to 14 days ahead, automatically taking into account potential delays, allows efficient inventory management and reduced costs.

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Minimize Climate Impact

Idling and stop-go traffic increase every vehicle’s emissions load. Improved planning to avoid congestion events caused by weather can greatly reduce both fuel waste and emissions.

Know your risks before you ship. Watch Riskpulse in action.