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Why The Polar Vortex Is Increasing In Strength

By Matt Wensing | November 5, 2015

The Polar Vortex will remain strong and stable with little to no opposing forces present to weaken it

Energy Weather Update

By Matt Wensing | October 21, 2015

Our confidence is high that the first half of November will be distinctly warmer than normal.

Preliminary Thoughts on the Winter Season of 2015-2016

By Matt Wensing | September 10, 2015

As we draw near the end of the summer season, eyes are already turning towards the winter. With a strong El Nino event in place across…

We Have an Exciting Announcement!

By Matt Wensing | July 10, 2015

Since the beginning of Riskpulse in 2007, we have prioritized partnerships with best-in-class talent and resources, as evidenced by the accomplished designers, engineers, and account…

Major release: Routes, risk profiling, and analytics

By Matt Wensing | November 11, 2014

Just in time for winter, this week marks the release of the most valuable features in our history. I’m very excited to announce several major…

2014-15 Winter Weather Outlook

By Matt Wensing | September 17, 2014

Riskpulse meteorologists predict El Niño conditions and a more southerly placement of the polar vortex will create an abnormal winter for much of the continental…

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